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How your office presents is a big deal. Why? Well because it’s true what they say, first impressions last. It's unfortunately too common for offices to feel very stuffy, clinical and lack personality which can leave staff and worse, clients feeling flat and uninspired.

Of course there are many ways to improve your office space however many of those can prove to be quite costly and cause interruption to staff such as new paint, new furniture or even a renovation.

The best, easiest, and most cost effective way to update the cosmetic look of a space is by adding indoor plants. Indoor plants not only add colour but they can really inject warmth to a space and instantly stop an office from feeling intimidating and clinical.

Plants can act as a screen to separate areas within the office, hide any unsightly cords and cables (we all have those!) and probably most importantly improve your green rating!! More and more of us are looking for clean, healthy and environmentally friendly work environments.

Where to start? The addition of a plant on your desk can instantly improve your mood, productivity and motivation simply by the colour psychology of green. Words like harmony, growth, relaxation and peace are all associated with the colour green. You can then build from there using plants to create screens, add drama to a welcoming entrance or use beams or shelves for hanging and trailing plants such as devils ivy.

Here are our Top 6 Picks for your Office Space, available at www.captainmonstera.com.au

  1. Peace Lily

  2. ZZ Plant

  3. Snake Plant

  4. Devils Ivy

  5. Fiddle Leaf Fig

  6. Monstera

(pictured left-right)

If you are looking for a few desk plants or a full interior plant design for a large scale office space, Captain Monstera can help! Order online if you are confident with what you would like, otherwise contact us for a virtual or in person consultation. We would love to help! hello@captainmonstera.com.au

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