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To get the most out of your plant babes, it is all about the styling! The kitchen is not always the first place you think of for plants. But for many of us, the kitchen is the heart of the home so it make sense that gorgeous greenery should be front and centre.

The pot you choose for your plant is step one and can change the look entirely of a plant. If you have purchased your plant in a nursery pot, then no styling can happen until you pick an new planter for your new baby. Of course, when you purchase a new plant from Captain Monstera, you can skip this step as your plant will already come potted in your chosen pot, your plant cleaned up and ready to take the stage!

Here are our Top Tips for Styling your Kitchen with Plants:

1. Check the position you want to place your plant. Is there only space for one plant or is the space big enough for two or three? Plants always look better styled with other plant friends.

2. Look at the light. Indoor plants (mostly) don’t like any sun as their leaves will burn. They need a bright, indirect spot to feel at home.

3. Consider any restrictions to the space. For example, if it is a kitchen bench, you might need to think about the height if you have cabinetry above, your plants will grow so consider HOW they grow. Will they grow up or will they trail down?

4. Now look at the combination of plants you will select. Don’t choose all the same plant type and all the same pot if you are planning on styling them together. It’s important to have a variety so they can work together like a piece of art. Tip: If you are choosing two of the same plant make sure the pots are different heights, shape or colour.

5. Try styling your plants with your other general household kitchen/dining items such as cook books, interesting ceramics or chopping boards

6. For the kitchen, use a tray to ground all the pieces you want to display. You might like to try styling a small home cocktail bar this this way. A trailing plant like the heart shaped philodendron can look fantastic against the colour of your bottles! Don’t worry you can position the trails so you can still get to your bottles when you are cooking or when friends come over!

7. Create varying height using a book or a couple of drink coasters to add depth to the look.

Once you’ve followed these ideas you then have a styled vignette using house plants that looks finished and thoughtfully put together.

For more plant styling for your kitchen Inspo and for the credits of these gorgeous images, check out our Pinterest Board here .

At Captain Monstera, our sole aim is to make styling with indoor plants easy! We pot everything for you, to order. So if you are looking for new plants for your home or a beautiful plant gift, SHOP PLANTS. We are a Northern Beaches local business and deliver all over Sydney. We would love to hear from you! hello@captainmonstera.com.au

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