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So, you might have a water checker for your plant but what about the old fashioned way?

It's probably the most common question we get asked - How often do I water my indoor plants?? And how much water do they need? What’s the best day if the week for watering day?

Well, don't stress! Your indoor plants require love and we know that, but we DON'T want to over love our house plants. You should listen to your plant and watch for signs that it’s thirsty or not doing so well, which as you get to know your plant that will develop over time.

Take the Peace Lily, when it’s thirsty, it will look slightly droopy. Once you give it a water, over night, it will spring up again! Promise! Don’t have a set watering day, just watch your plant and FEEL the soil. Your finger is a great way to test the soil and will be able to tell if the soil is wet, moist or dry. A HOT TIP? Only water your indoor plant when the soil is DRY. Another thing to consider, if your pot doesn’t have a drainage hole at the bottom (like our Captain Monstera plant stands) it means the water can’t drain out of it so this means less watering. If your pot DOES have a hole, water the plant enough so you can see the water coming out the bottom. This means the water has gotten through to the base of the planter and is passing through the roots which you want.

Remember indoor plants in your home should be fun and is so beneficial to your homes health, so have fun with it and try not to over think it. That’s the key, as well as the location of the plant. INDIRECT light, NO sun. Follow this and you will have a very successful indoor jungle. If in doubt you can always ask us (hello@captainmonstera.com.au), or order you water checker here!!

Lara and Suzy


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