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The Rubber Plant or Figus Elastica has thick, glossy leaves and favours bright, indirect light but can also handle low light. Ths easy car plant is a favourite house plant and one look at the leaves and you can understand why.  There are a couple of different varieties but we prefer the burgundy, just sayin'.


THE PLANTER: This plant babe comes planted in a lightweight 36cm white or black egg pot. We included a complimentary clear saucer.


Our large Burgundy Rubbers are thick and healthy and are approximately 50cm from the base of the soil to the top of the plant.


  • Plants are hand delivered, normally on a Thursday. Please provide an address where the plant can either be accepted by person or left in a safe, shady place. Delivery is calculated at check out.

    If you are looking for an urgent delivery (last minute gift?!) - never fear, we can arrange this for you! Express available!

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