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The Fiddle Leaf Fig is no doubt the poster child for indoor plants and can be seen in many magazine publications and Instagram grids. There is a reason why of course as it's stunning Fiddle shaped leaves create such a statement in a corner of a room or that side table if you are selecting a smaller size. The FLF is deemed challenging but like Goldilocks with a litle bit of this and a little bit of that AKA the right amount of indirect light and careful watering (hello water checker) you'll have this beauty perfected and be coming back for more. Promise.


This plant babe comes potted in a 25cm ceramic pot with saucer in your choice of colour.


  • FIDDLE LEAF FIG SIZING: Our Fiddle Leaf Figs come in three different sizes.

    Small: 40-70cm

    Medium: 70-90cm (leaner than the larger variety)

    Large: 90cm-120cm (fuller than the medium variety)


    Our beautiful plants are hand-picked for thier quality, giving them the best chance at a long and happy life with you! Simply choose the pot, and we will do all of the messy work for you. Your new plant will be delivered to your door, potted in it's new planter and ready for that corner, table or shelfie!

  • Deliveries are hand delivered, normally on a Thursday. Please provide an address where the plant can either be accepted by person or left in a safe, shady place. Delivery is calculated at check out.

    If you are looking for an urgent delivery (last minute gift?!) - never fear, we can arrange this for you! Express available!

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