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It is such an Australian thing to have a swimming pool in the backyard (lucky ducks!) and we are always take advantage of those warm summer days to cool off for a dip and entertain those kiddies.

If you are lucky enough to have a pool, don't leave it bare! Turn your pool into a resort feel with some softening of potted plants. Most of the pools in Australia will be positioned in the sun so it means the space gets very hot and that deck or paving needs some breaking up. There is a saying that blue and green should never be seen and that is sooooo wrong! It should always be seen!

Make a statement with BIG pots. If you don’t have the space for BIG POTS then it’s a case of a clustering a few smaller pots. The first step is choosing the pots to suit your particular pool deck. You may like to try clustering pots which are all the same colour but slightly different shapes. For large pots, these can generally stand alone without the need to cluster.

When choosing your plants, think about how the sun moves across the space - both in summer and winter. There are many gorgeous succulent varieties that will withstand the harsh Australia sun. Jades are our personal favourite!

And finally, the soil! You will need lots of it for these large pots, but make sure you buy the best quality you afford and water the new plant in very well.

If all of this sounds a little too exhausting to you, then you are in luck! Captain Monstera are your go to Plant Stylists and love working with outdoor areas such as pools and balconies. We are able to design the space, pick the pots and the plants, and then pot these babies on site for you. Once we are done, you get to enjoy the beauty of having a beautifully styled pool. It’s like all potted plants, once you have them you won’t remember what it was like with out them.

Get in touch for a consutaltion: hello@captainmonstera.com.au

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